Cisco Networking 101: The Comic


I was over visiting a good friend of mine last week that teaches Cisco networking classes at our local community college (where I was actually a former student of his). In between discussions of VSANs, Docker, and the Seahawks, he showed me this pretty cool little comic he made that introduces the basic fundamental commands for every student getting started in their CCNA studies. 

I thought I’d go ahead and post it on here just in case any of you Cisco beginners wanted a neat, small way of memorizing these commands that you’re sure to become very familiar with.

If you guys want the entire thing for yourself or your students, right-click and download those while saying “Thanks Mr. Dalton, wherever you are right now.”….

…which is probably in class teaching our future Cisco engineers by referencing Lord of the Rings and old history lessons that were always (somehow) relevant to that day’s topic. Never change, Dalton.

Cisco Networking 101: The Comic